Patient Info

Patient Info


Please contact Dr. Lee’s consulting room on 1300 85 95 38 or email to make an appointment.

On your first consultation visit, please bring along:

  • A referral letter from you General Practitioner
  • Medicare Card
  • Private Health Fund Card / Registration details
  • Any relevant investigations eg: blood test, Ultrasounds, etc


Dr. Lee’s fees are mostly in accordance with the recommendation by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

Both Obstetrics and Gynaecology fees will have some ‘out of pocket’ expenses. The amount varies depending on the actual clinical circumstances and the complexity. Most of your fees, however will be covered by Medicare and your private Health Funds.

Out-Patient Consultation Fees

Please contact Dr. Lee’s consulting room 1300 85 95 38 for her fee schedule or email her at

Full payment is appreciated at the time of each consultation visit. Dr. Lee’s practice accept all major credit cards and EFTPOS facilities. To enquire about Medicare Online Claiming, please contact Dr. Lee’s practice.

Obstetrics Fees

Obstetrics Hospital In-patient Fees:

  • Dr. Lee participates in a ‘no-gap’ cover with majority of the private health Funds. Any fees incurred during your hospital admission for pregnancy related care and delivery will be billed directly to your private health funds.
  • This means you would not have any “out-of-pocket” expenses related to obstetrics in-patient care, provided you are eligible on your private health cover. Dr. Lee will be able to let you know during the first consultation.

Obstetrics – Pregnancy Management Fees:

  • This is a fee charged by most obstetricians for the management of your pregnancy, providing you with 24/7 availability of an experienced obstetricians.
  • This fee covers coordination of your pregnancy care, the provision of obstetricians being on-call 24/7 and to answer any of your phone enquiries or to reply your email enquiries.
  • You are only require to make payment of your pregnancy management fees when you reach 20 weeks pregnant.

Gynaecology Fees

Gynaecological procedures will have some out of pocket expenses.

The fees vary depending on clinical condition, type of operation required and complexity of the surgery.

During your consultation. Dr, Lee will provide you with a detailed explanation of your treatment care plan and if an operation is recommended, she will provide you with details on the surgical procedure involved, risks and benefits and other alternatives available for you to consider.

She will also provide you with an estimation of cost involved based on the type of procedure you require. Full fees payment is required prior to the planned operation date. Medicare or your private health funds will cover portion of the operation fees. Please discuss this further with Dr. Lee at the consultation visit.

Other Fees

Surgical Assistant Fees – This may incur some out of pocket expenses depending on the type of operations, if surgical assistant is required.

Anaesthetist Fees – This may incur out of pocket expenses depending on the anaesthetist.

Paediatrician Fees – A paediatrician will attend to your baby either at delivery if needed or following birth. This may incur additional out of pocket expenses.


Dr. Pooi Leng Lee will be on-call and available during the week days (Mon-Thurs) for her own patients.

Dr Lee participate in a weekend on-call roster with other trusted Obstetricians and Gynaecologist at Sunnybank Hospital.

This is to ensure that her patients always have an experienced doctor available 24/7, but at the same time allowing rest time for doctors.


For information on Sunnybank Maternity Services, please click on the link below:

The above website provides comprehensive patient information on the following:

  • Rooms facilities
  • Preparation for Birth & Pregnancy
  • Admission information, including what to bring to the hospital
  • When to contact or to come in to hospital
  • Payment and Health Fund Information
  • The Well Mother & Baby Clinic
  • Visiting Hours & Contacts